Nicole Hall croppedNicole Hall
Board Chair
Just Lovin’ Music Studios, Inc.

It is rewarding to contribute to the mission and objectives of Just Lovin’ Music Studios, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and it has been an honor to work over the years with talented board members with a passion for music education. The need for music education has never been greater and Just Lovin’ Music Studios is committed to strengthening chords in the community by providing our schools, children, youth and senior citizens high quality music education programs.

Just Lovin’ Music Studios has made a tremendous impact on the community over the last eighteen (18) years through private music lessons, music programs for economically disadvantaged youth, free community concerts, and school-based instrumental programs. The organization strives to make music education affordable and through the generous support of our donors, many children who would otherwise have no access have enjoyed the benefit of sponsorships to support their music education.

The organization continues to attract the best teachers, accomplished musicians with a passion for young people, and collaboratively, they develop quality music programs that make a meaningful impact on the development of young people. Through music instruction we see students gain confidence and experience personal and academic growth from their involvement with music.

Within our website, you will find the vision of CEO Michelle Love and learn about the new initiatives the organization will undertake in the months ahead. With the removal of music from the schools and the economic challenges facing families, the community needs Just Lovin’ Music Studios to provide an affordable way for children to receive music instruction.

The board of directors is the governing body for Just Lovin’ Music Studios providing insight for the strategic planning direction of the organization and offering ongoing support and guidance for the executive team. The board holds its members and company executives to the highest ethical standards ensuring transparency to maximize outcomes for the community it serves. The board’s primary focus is to secure the resources required by the organization through planning and implementing an annual fundraising strategy to engage donors, program alumni, and corporate partners.

The board invites corporations, valued donors, and foundations to make the critical contributions needed to expand the reach of Just Lovin’ Music Studios music education programs. We rely on the generosity of those who believe in music education. Music stays with a child for a lifetime. I encourage you to consider making a lifelong impact this year through a tax-deductible gift to Just Lovin’ Music Studios.



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